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Welcome! I’m Delaney, Glad you stopped by!

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Social Media Strategist, Coordinator, and Consultant. I help businesses & creatives refine their marketing to build a strong brand so they can book dream clients.

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About Delaney

I graduated with a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Design with a General Business minor from Iowa State University. I found my love of social media years ago through small business!

The midwest is where my husband and our two cats, Turtles and Gronk, call home. We are coffee snobs and love watching a classic comedy special on Netflix.

Ask me if I have a sweet tooth and I’ll probably start talking about carrot cake or chocolate. Music is what lights me up, so at any moment, I probably have about half a dozen songs running through my mind. I also find that being creative is one of my favorite past times so I like to paint, try new dessert recipes or take on new hobbies like yoga or pretending to train for half marathons.

Helping develop a strong on-brand social media presence is so exciting and I love what I do! See, I believe we can have abundance, freedom, and satisfaction in our businesses. I think it gives us that margin to spend our treasured time where it matters most. So, I’m glad you’re here – take a look around!


Kind words.

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You’re Missing a Social Media Strategy.

You’re feeling frustrated, stuck and have no time to sit down and keep up with social media trends. So instead, you just post about the weather or day of the week and hope for the best. Sound familiar?

Social Media Strategy may sound big and scary.

Don’t fret! With the right focus, you will be able to build a brand that is strong, memorable, and filled with personality!

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