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Live with less stress + confusion about marketing your business on social media

start sharing your brand in a compelling manner


Q : What platforms do you use to plan content?

Planoly is my jam. I also use Hootsuite, PLANN, Later and can learn any current platforms you use.

Q : What is past work that you’ve done?

Check out this page to hear more from my past clients.

Q : Do you offer Thrive Coaching Sessions online as well as in person?

You bet! There is availability for both. Inquire at OR HERE to learn more.

Q: What is the investment for your services?

Please inquire at

Q: I don’t have content to share online. What if I want to work with you but don’t have the photos I need?

That is no problem! I offer an add-on to your package that includes branding photos with a professional photographer. The photos can be edited to fit your brand or we can edit to define your style.

Q: Do you offer group coaching or can I bring you into my company or workshop for a training?

Yes! Please send an e-mail to and tell me more about what you’re envisioning. I love hanging with awesome people and giving you the tools and motivation to use social media to it’s fullest potential, so let’s make it happen!

Q: How much time does it take to get started together?

This is a good question and also depends on where our starting point is. I would love to give a quick answer but I think it’s best to set up a consultation first so I can hear allllll about your business! Go HERE to set up a phone call!

Q : What are the benefits of working with a Social Media Strategist?

Working with me, we will define + develop a strong brand presence across all social media channels! Gone are the days of taking two hours to write a single post for Instagram!

Some of my strengths include developing a brand identity through use of images, words, and branding. I love curating images, am a thoughtful caption writer, and am passionate about discovering your key brand messages. It’s also very important to me to display your main revenue-driving efforts front and center. Working with me, you will receive a strategy specifically for your business with precision and consistency. My expertise is creating exclusive content and pulling out the unique elements of your brand that tell your unique story!

Q : What platforms do you focus on?

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.

Q : Do offer anything with Instagram / Facebook ads?

I do! Together, we can determine how to utilize ads best for your brand and build them into our overall social media marketing strategy!

Q : I am interested in receiving coaching / guidance regarding how to use Pinterest, Facebook, and E-mail Marketing. Do you offer any services in these areas?

Glad you asked! I do offer coaching regarding Pinterest, Facebook, and E-mail marketing. These are topics that can be covered in a Thrive Coaching Session. If you’d like to learn more about a Thrive Coaching Session and what you can takeaway from meeting, head over here!

Q : I’ve never worked with a Social Media Manager or Strategist before, what should I expect?

Deliverables for various services are available on this page. While working with me, you will receive 1:1 attention. We will discover your objective and goals through in-depth, impactful questions. You should expect a collaborative partnership with a plan of action to help you grow your brand on social media.

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if you agree with these below, i think we’ll be a good pair!

+ if being creative is in your bones.

+ if you want to grow your brand and refine your social media presence.

+ if you are someone who loves good chats over coffee (or your drink of choice)!

+ if you enjoy a collaborative approach to content planning.

+ if you’re willing to take and run with my advice as I learn about new golden nuggets of social media (it’s always changing!).

+ if you enjoy encouragement + support.

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