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What my clients are saying

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Des Moines Embassy Club

“Delaney was so easy to work with. Even after our first meeting, I felt confident that she was skilled, knowledgeable, and she would be a great investment. Through our conversations and setting up our business for success, she showed me so many tips and tricks to be able to promote the company in a way that wasn't intimidating or scary. I loved that it was a collaborative process with her so that I was learning how to best utilize our social media for the future.”

Full Bloom Creative

“I struggled with what to post, what to share on captions, and how to make things interesting PLUS finding time to do all of these! I felt lost because I thought I knew everything, but clearly not. I tried to use hashtags but had no clue what would work best. You’ve made me realize that my life is interesting even if I think it’s boring! My story/background is a huge part of what made me who I am and I should share more about that! I recognize what my followers like/don’t like, what they respond to. Biggest things : Instagram isn’t scary and posts don’t have to be hard! I’ve definitely had a huge follower increase! I had people reach out to me saying I motivate and inspire them which is huge – holy cow! There’s always engagement on my posts! I’m also fully booked for January!!!!”